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The Nixon (Kindred Connection) site was started as a way to tap the family’s network of human resources to ensure a positive investment into current and future generations.

You are invited to share and explore the family heritage; legacy and to also contribute to history of the family story. The goal of this site is to provide and share family news, photos, access to information and research for those who would like to know more about the family heritage. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

If you have family news or events that you would like to share and have posted on the family site please email Treena at treena@mykindredconnection.com. If you have any comments and/or suggestions on what you would like to see on the site please email Treena.

Family let us know all of the great and wonderful things that you experience in your life.

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*The Family Site is best viewed in FireFox Browser*

THE NIXON FAMILY ROOTSMy Kindred Connection• with it's roots planted in• Union County North Carolina

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